FCM PTA School Store


Dear FCM Families,


As we launch into a new school year, your PTA is hard at work planning a variety of events and programs to support our wonderful school and to enrich our children's experience here.

The programs and support we provide cost money, and fundraising is necessary for us to be able to continue our efforts.


Over the past couple of years, many of you have told us that you want to support our fundraising efforts, but that you want an alternative to selling items. That's why we are excited to introduce the FCM PTA Family Direct Donation Program. The program asks families to make a voluntary, tax-deductible cash contribution to the FCM PTA. It's a quick, convenient way for you to support your PTA.


Help us reach our goal of $15,000 (Charleston Wrap fundraiser and direct donations combined), and we will not need to do a second fundraiser this fall!


We suggest the following guidelines for donations:

  1. $35 for families with one FCM student

  2. $50 for families with two FCM students

  3. $75 for families with three or more FCM students

The amounts above are suggestions; any amount you can contribute will help us continue to deliver such valuable programs as:

  1. Classroom grants and enhancements

  2. Curriculum support

  3. Reading Under the Stars

  4. Reflections

  5. Ethnic and Heritage Celebrations

  6. Father/Daughter Dance

  7. Student celebrations

  8. And many more!

To make a donation, please complete the donation form and send it in with cash or a check payable to FCM PTA in a sealed envelope to the PYP Office.   


Students of all families who make a donation in lieu of participating in the Charleston Wrap Fundraiser will still be eligible to attend the BMX show and will receive a No Homework pass.   


In accordance with National PTA guidelines, if requested, we will furnish you with a receipt for your records - and we will acknowledge your contribution in our quarterly PTA Bulletin and the school's web site.


Thank you for supporting our school!


Joelle Saliba